Science Communication: divulgation in the Audio-Visual Media

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27/05/2021 @ 18:00 19:30 CEST

Are you a science enthusiast? Do you enjoy the sparkling Audio-Visual media e.g., TV, podcasts, YouTube, etc.? If the answer is yes, Let’s mix them up!!! 

In the Rafael del Pino Club of Scientists, we have organised a discussion panel with 4 excellent internationally renowned science communicators to debate the current role of Audio-Visual media in science divulgation, its challenges and benefits, as well as its future. We hope this event will inspire young scientists as well as media professionals to engage with this broad-field of science communication and promote the combo of science divulgation and entertainment for all audiences. 

We will have the pleasure to welcome in this discussion panel:

Prof. Donna Nelson: a professor and researcher at The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Oklahoma. Part of her research activities focus on promoting the public perception of science and scientists via multiple approaches including interviews, speaking engagements, and science consulting. Prof. Donna Nelson was the science advisor of the critically acclaimed American TV show Breaking Bad and has organised the highly-popular symposiums: “Hollywood Chemistry” and “Science on the Screen”.

Prof. Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón Irigaray: a professor and researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Computing of The University of La Rioja. He is an active science communicator that likes to link science with humour and stories, and is highly recognised for his scientific monologues. Prof. Eduardo Sáenz was the winner of FameLab Spain 2013 and Aquae Foundation 2014, and founded the group Big Van: Científicos sobre Ruedas. Currently, he is still involved in the later and also presents the Spanish late-night show Órbita Laika.

Dr. Inés Dawson is a professional science communicator with a PhD from The University of Oxford about the biomechanics of insect flight. Her mission is to make science as entertaining and accessible as possible. Dr. Inés Dawson runs the award-winning bilingual YouTube channel Draw Curiosity, and the Spanish channel Inés-table. In addition, she delivers science talks as well as workshops and training seminars on science communication.

Dr. Shannon Odell is a Brooklyn based comedian, science communicator, and neuroscientist with a PhD from Cornell University about memory, epigenetics, and brain adaptability. She is passionate about sharing science in surprising, relatable, and entertaining ways. Dr. Shannon Odell performs science-based stand-up comedy and co-host the comedic science podcast The Science of Self-Care. She is also co-hosts and co-produces the live comedy show Drunk Science and can be seen on The Science Channel as a science correspondent for the show, What on Earth!.

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