Managing emotions: the catalyst for productivity

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10/06/2021 @ 18:00 19:30 CEST

Why if we think about professionalism we switch to the idea of suppressing our emotions? Many of us don’t value enough the importance of the emotional needs that we carry with us to the working environment. Beyond the relationship with the supervisors, the emotional dynamics affect our motivation, health, communication, and decision making, among many others.

The Club of Scientist Rafael del Pino is aware of this reality. With this event, we aim to get a better understanding of our feelings to improve our working routine. Hand in hand with the latest advances in neuroscience and psychology, as well as examples of leaders who currently use these tools to lead their teams, we want to discuss the following issues:

● How to deal with the blocks induced by the impostor syndrome or negative feedback?

● How to manage the stress which leads to Burnout syndrome?

● We know that teamwork is important. Nevertheless, the more collaboration, the more conflicts. How can we learn to manage this conflict healthily?

● Nowadays, more and more enterprises demonstrate that working in a more kindly environment increases the productivity of the workers. So, what is productivity happiness? Can it be used in different working environments?

To dialogue about this, we have invited three people with experience in emotion management in the working place: Dr. Fernando Maestre, professor at Rey Juan Carlos University and distinguished researcher at the University of Alicante;Dra. Rosa Molina, Doctor in Neuroscience and psychiatrist at San Carlos Hospital; and, Dr. Daniel Peña, Doctor in Psychology and leader of the I + D department in Apertia Consulting.