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Register As we begin 2022 we have some very good news: we just started an official collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of the Government of Madrid for the "Science in Spanish" cycle. In this framework, the Scientists Club has acted as a catalyst for this series of talks together with the Community of Madrid and [...]

Register As academics, not only we have to do experiments but also regularly defend and write down our scientific advances. In fact, knowing how to communicate results is one of the most necessary skills to advance in a scientific career. The key message is that to become a good writer you don't need to be [...]

Register Artificial Intelligence techniques are increasingly present in all scientific fields and have driven great advances in recent years, becoming indispensable tools. Consequently, the Rafael del Pino Scientists Club, with the aim of promoting innovation, leadership, and social commitment among Spanish researchers, wants to bring together the community doing research in topics related to Artificial Intelligence.  With that goal in mind, before the summer holidays, we hosted the first [...]

Register Have you ever refused a fascinating project because its results could not be so promising? Do you feel comfortable discussing your results with your labmates and collaborators? How would you describe your department’s culture? After our last event in June with Psychology and Neuroscience experts, we are more aware of the emotional dynamics and [...]

Register Artificial intelligence techniques are increasingly present in all scientific fields, and have driven great progress in recent years, becoming indispensable tools. At the Rafael del Pino Scientists Club we want to promote innovation, leadership and social commitment among Spanish researchers. Therefore, we want to bring together the community doing research in artificial intelligence related [...]

Managing emotions: the catalyst for productivity

10/06/2021 @ 18:00 - 19:30 CEST

Register Why if we think about professionalism we switch to the idea of suppressing our emotions? Many of us don't value enough the importance of the emotional needs that we carry with us to the working environment. Beyond the relationship with the supervisors, the emotional dynamics affect our motivation, health, communication, and decision making, among [...]

Register Are you a science enthusiast? Do you enjoy the sparkling Audio-Visual media e.g., TV, podcasts, YouTube, etc.? If the answer is yes, Let’s mix them up!!!  In the Rafael del Pino Club of Scientists, we have organised a discussion panel with 4 excellent internationally renowned science communicators to debate the current role of Audio-Visual [...]

Register The aim of the Club de Científicos Rafael del Pino is to promote technological innovation, civil leadership and social responsibility across different areas of science. We organise events on current affairs and act as a meeting point for our community of young Spanish scientists coming from international universities such as MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial [...]

Register Do you dream of a successful research career? What if you could listen to the testimony, career, and research of two of the most prestigious Spanish scientists currently? From the Rafael del Pino Club of Scientists we want to strengthen the Spanish scientific community. We also seek to promote the dissemination of the extraordinary [...]

Register Do you want to know more about the research being carried out at NASA? What if you can also listen to the testimony and trajectory of two Spaniards who have participated in them? In the Rafael del Pino Club of Scientists, we want to consolidate a community of young Spanish scientists with our values [...]

Register The Covid-19 pandemic has been characterized not only by its great economic and social costs, but also by how different the measures adopted in the face of the crisis have been. From home confinements to curfews, many of the decisions have had a great cost on the population. Consequently, many inhabitants have questioned their [...]

Exploring different scientific careers II

24/11/2020 @ 18:00 - 19:30 CET

Register Are you doing a Ph.D. but you do not know what to do afterwards? Are you unsure about the possible options? Or which one suits best your interests? Do you want to continue your career in science, but you are hesitant about your next step? In the Rafael del Pino Club of Scientists, jointly [...]